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2015 Draft Grading Sheets Version 3

Hi Guys

Please see attached grading for Birrong teams, please contact me if you would like to appeal your grading or have any questions, I will be at the clubhouse tonight.

Appeals need to be structured to include what grade you want to play and the reason why you are not eligible for the grade you are allocated in.

Teams are not to send in individual requests for appeals, all correspondence to BDAFA is to go through myself as the secretary of Birrong.



From: Andrew Forster [mailto:andrew@bdafa.com.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 10 March 2015 8:17 PM
Subject: 2015 Draft Grading Sheets Version 3

Good Evening All

Please find the Grading for 2015 Season Version 3. We have made a couple of corrections to typos and re-shuffled the AAL competitions in the interest of a more equitable number of games.

Note any Grading Appeals need to be submitted by email to trevor by 5pm Friday 13th March 2015.


Andrew Forster

Bankstown District Amateur Football Association (BDAFA)
‘Mobile: 0419 631 249 ‘Office Phone: (02) 9771-3322

8 Web: www.bankstownsoccer.com.au

Level 1, 116 Cahors Road, Padstow NSW 2211


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