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Draw Tuesday 16-6-2015 9pm.xls

Hi Guys

Let me know if there are any concerns



Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 11:19:58 +0000

Hi all,

Draw as at tonight. AAL1 has had a 3rd round added. Those with AAL1 please review the draw and ensure there is 3 rounds now. Also the Central Sydney Wolves matches will all be returned to WBF and 3 goals allocated throughout rounds 1 and 2. Again, please check Rd3 for the AAL1 for me.

With the re draw of AAL1 – all of the other ladies have changed as well to facilitate the Grand Final day being together – they are now extended to the 2nd August for the final rounds. Therefore some of the previous midweek matches for the other ladies is not necessary. Venues have changed as well for Sundays.

Any queries – just shoot them through and I will answer when I can.


Draw Tuesday 16-6-2015 9pm.xls

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