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Players’ Equipment

please see below

From: loz@bigpond.net.au [mailto:loz@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Friday, 26 June 2015 4:49 PM
To: scott@bdafa.com.au
Cc: dimitri@bdafa.com.au; glenn@bdafa.com.au; ron.milne@enware.com.au
Subject: Players’ Equipment


Further to your email of 15th June, the following has been circulated today to all referees:

Below is a message received from the General Manager of BDAFA. Can we please assist in ensuring this is applied.

“Could I please ask that the BFR advise their Referees to refrain from not allowing players to take the field if the player is wearing the incorrect colour socks or shorts.

Any incorrect item of the players uniform is to be noted on the teams sheets, and/or an incident report submitted, and that team will be fined for incorrect uniform.

The BDAFA Board would like all registered players to participate and take the field each week.”

Please also note that there is a grassroots exemption on the colour of tape on socks.

BFR is to otherwise enforce Law 4 “The Players’ Equipment”, including the correct colour of undergarments and headwear. As regards this, players should be given the opportunity to correct their attire.

Can we also act to prevent goalkeepers wearing purple shirts. Purple is part of the BFR brand and was specifically chosen as no club has purple as their registered colour.

Laurie Warner
Member, Referee Standing Committee.
Coach, Bankstown Football Referees.

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